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Town Facility Reservations Deadline: Gym or activity room reservations for the week of Dec. 24 must be made no later than Friday, Dec. 21 by 4 pm. Reservations will not be taken during the week of Dec. 24. 

White Belt Family Karate classes: This program will help you and your child develop self-esteem, focus energy, and develop character while learning safety techniques and awareness skills through basic Shotokan Karate techniques. Focus will be on developing hand-eye coordination, balance and mental focus, leadership, and partnership skills.  This session will begin on Sunday, Jan. 6-Feb. 10 from 11 am-12 pm for $50. Family discounts apply. Pre-registration is required.

Basic Dog Obedience Class:  Develop control, teach your pet manners, and gain a better understanding of your canine companion. This class helps you to be a better owner and your dog to be a better pet! Dogs must be at least 6 months old. Please notedogs do not attend the first class. Basic obedience training includes basic socialization, heel, sit, stay, come, down-stay, and stand-stay. Max.16 dogs per class. Pre-registration is required. This class will be held on Mondays from 6-7 pm Jan. 7-Feb. 18 for $75.00 (Non-residents ~ $85). The first class meets in Town Center Activity Room with NO dogs. The rest of the classes will be held in the Town Gym.

Free Senior Walking Program: The Town Gym will be opened to Shelburne residents who want to stay active and healthy during the colder winter months. Please bring a pair of clean, dry, soft-soled shoes to change into before walking. No registration or fee required.  Schedule subject to change and not open on holidays. Call the Rec. Office for updated scheduled. Monday-Friday from 9-11am starting Nov. 26-March 29, 2013 as scheduled.

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