Safety Spot

Keep clear of the train tracks!

About every three hours, a person or vehicle is hit by a train. (Let’s not have anyone in Shelburne become a part of this statistic.)

It has come to the Shelburne Emergency Services Community attention that fellow community members are not stopping at the railroad tracks on Harbor Road waiting in line for the traffic light. This is not a good thing!

Everyone is well aware that traffic gets backed up waiting for the light at Harbor Road and Rt. 7.  While waiting for the light, please do not stop on the railroad tracks! Look up at the crossing bar–it needs room to come down and you don’t want it coming down and damaging your vehicle. Please leave room for it to drop down. This means you may have to wait farther back than you think.

If you see someone that is too close to the railroad tracks, be a good neighbor; first leave room with your vehicle so they can back up, and second tell them to back away from the railroad crossing.

Don’t crowd the vehicles ahead of you. 

Thank you for helping us keep our town safe.

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