“Dogs of War” a look at American history through the lives of powerful pets

As the 75th anniversary of World War II approaches, a new book reveals the hidden history of some of America’s most powerful leaders. It exposes the unknown backroom drama of Western civilization’s darkest hour through an unlikely source—the faithful pets of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, General George S. Patton, and General Dwight D. Eisenhower.

“Dogs of War” tells the story of Fala, President Roosevelt’s Scottish Terrier; Willie, General Patton’s Bull Terrier; and Telek, General Eisenhower’s Scottie. Incredibly, these three canines made an  impact on world history through their constant companionship with their powerful masters.

President Roosevelt’s Fala become a media sensation and was actually used to boost morale on the home front during World War II, even “serving” as an honorary private. He was portrayed in films, his name was used as a password by American soldiers, and he was even became the subject of political controversy between Republicans and Democrats.

General Patton’s wartime comrade Willie was his constant companion during fierce fighting. He only survived because he was fatefully separated from his owner when General Patton died in a tragic automobile accident after the war.

Finally there’s Telek, General Eisenhower’s and Kay Summersby’s treasured Scottie. Scottie helped ignite the most famous love story of World War II, an affair that is still fiercely debated by historians to this day. After the general’s death, Kay Summersby was allowed to keep the dog.

“Dogs of War” provides an intriguing look at one of the most fascinating episodes of World War II and is sure to add fuel to the continuing controversy about the relationship between the general and his wartime chauffeur.

“Dogs of War” is a touching story at the unconditional love between men and their pets as well as a fascinating glimpse of America’s most legendary political and military leaders.

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