Covering the Field – Jeremy Lerner

By Sheri Duff

Jeremy Lerner is incredibly fast. Not only that, he has fast hands. Just ask Champlain Valley Union (CVU) head boys ice hockey coach Mike Murray. “Jeremy has tons of talent and a passion for playing the game. He has such a good attitude and is well respected by the team,” coach Murray emphasized. “I think he will reap the benefits of his intense training as a senior. This is going to be Jeremy’s year.”

Born and raised in Charlotte, Lerner turned 18 on April 25, 2012. His family includes parents, Miriam and Ken, and older brother Nate, a recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh.

Lerner clearly remembers his first foray into ice hockey. “I was in preschool at the Charlotte Children’s Center and my teacher was a figure skater. I remember she would take us to the outdoor rink at Charlotte Central School and teach us how to skate. Shortly after that I started the mini-mites program for CSB,” he recalled.

As for his interest in the sport he credits his father and his brother. “My dad has always loved hockey. He was all for it when my brother and I started to play,” he explained. “When I was young I was always jealous and wanted to go along when my brother left for a hockey practice or game. At home we had a little net and a few small plastic sticks that my brother would play around with. Of course I always wanted to play too just because he was playing,” Lerner commented. “Later I really got into hockey on my own.”

A 4-year varsity player, Lerner took advantage of training in the off-season. “When I wasn’t playing CSB I would do lots of hockey camps, pond hockey, and stick and puck. Stick and puck is a free skate at Cairns Arena. It’s similar to open gym for basketball,” Lerner explained. “For many years I would attend the Martin St. Louis hockey camp and a Russian Hockey School in Long Island N.Y.”

And that’s not all. “Once my parents thought I was old enough and my doctors allowed, around age 13, I started to work out all the time. Once I got to CVU I would work out every single day and I loved it. At the beginning of sophomore year I started going to the Parisi Speed School at the Edge in Williston. I’m absolutely obsessed with it,” he informed. “I probably love it almost as much as hockey.”

Lerner concurs with coach Murray’s assessment of his attributes. “I would say my speed is my greatest strength. Since I’m one of the smaller guys on the team, I feel like I’ve had to make up for that. And I have by being one of the fastest guys on the team.”

When asked about his proudest moment, Lerner had an answer at the ready. “I would have to say my greatest achievement was at a Model UN at St. Michael’s my freshman year at CVU. That’s because my greatest fear as a person is probably public speaking and having stage fright,” he said. “But I was able to overcome my fears. I ended up doing a decent job and receiving a good grade out of it.”

As for next year, Lerner is planning to attend prep school as a Post Graduate. “I plan to apply to several prep schools in the Northeast. And yes, hockey is playing a huge role in the school I will choose for next year,” he continued. “After my PG year I plan to go to college. I’m open to any school that has a good exercise science/medicine and sports science major. But my main goal is to play Division III hockey.”  There’s not much doubt Lerner will accomplish his goals. After all he is a fast Lerner.

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