The People of Shelburne – Mark Boedges

Mark Boedges was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Initially, the current plein air painter and gallery owner pursued a degree in engineering. After joining his roommate for one philosophy course at the University of Kansas, Boedges switched his focus. He graduated in 1996 with a BA in Philosophy. Afterward, Boedges moved to Colorado to indulge a blossoming urge to paint. While studying Fine Art at the University of Colorado, met his wife Rebecca where they wed in Vail in 2004.

Later, the pair settled in South Burlington until this October when the couple moved farther south to Shelburne. A marriage of talents, Mark and his wife run the Mark Boedges Fine Art Gallery on Battery Street in Burlington. “We work well together because Rebecca is the entrepreneur and I’m sort of the guy on the ground.” They celebrated the gallery’s one year anniversary in December.

An active painter, Mark garners a lot of attention. He received a spot on the cover of the International Artist magazine in the February / March issue of 2010. Other awards include a featured article in the October / November 2012 International Artist magazine. Having forgotten about submitting his work, Mark waited to pick up the envelope from the post office. “By the time I got around to opening it, it was this soppy package I’d forgotten about for a day.” His most recent accomplishment is the Artistic Excellence Award of the 2012 December issue of Southwest Art Magazine. Still, Boedges grounds himself with constant musings over future work. “I’ve been meaning to get out to Shelburne Farms to paint.”

Interests/Hobbies: “I’ve actually played guitar longer than I’ve painted, since I was 12 years old. I took detours, tried writing for a while but I’ve always come back to oil painting.”

Favorite food: “Pizza.”

Favorite Shelburne haunt: “Cucina Antica. My wife and I love to go there since we’ve moved to Shelburne.”

Bucket list: “I’ve always wanted to travel to China. I don’t travel often but it’s something I love to do and China is so up and coming. There are billions of people there whom we have no intimate knowledge of.”

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