Pomerleau purchases mobile home park

Last Monday businessman Tony Pomerleau made plans to start the new year off right for residents of Shelburnewood. As 2012 came to an end Pomerleau purchased the mobile home park and several more acres from property owners Marv and Sue Thomas for over $1.2 million. On Wednesday evening he made it official. “It’s signed, sealed, and delivered,” the 95-year-old businessman announced to over a dozen residents in attendance. “And we’ll make it better.”

First on the list of Shelburnewood upgrades will be the installation of new water and sewer mains, additional street lights, and the installation of fire hydrants come spring. He also mentioned that future plans still include turning the park over to its tenants while he left open the possibility of other improvements.

 The uncertainty of the park began in 2005 when the Thomases agreed to sell the property to a different developer. Unfortunately after five years and lengthy debates with town officials the sale fell through. It wasn’t until 2012 that Pomerleau became aware of the plight through two of his employees and mobile home park residents, Mary Phelps and Tina Sordiff. “I wanted his opinion about a letter we received so I brought him the paperwork,” Phelps said. “He said not to worry. That he would step in. And he did.”

Pomerleau made a commitment to purchase the mobile home property back in April, “I’ve been very fortunate in my life,” he told the residents. “So I’m doing this for you guys. And I’m happy to do it.” Here’s to the dawning of a new year, Shelburnewood!

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