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Keep Pond Road unpaved

Several years ago the town voted to preserve Pond Road as an unpaved road. It is my hope that it remains unpaved.

The concerned residents, as reported in the Shelburne News, cite potholes as a reason for requesting that the road be paved. Potholes can and do exist on paved roads. A solution, rather than paving, is to slow down and avoid the potholes. Paving Pond Rd. will increase traffic and speed on the road. With increased traffic and speed additional safety issues will occur.

Some may want to study more completely the fiscal impact of paving/not paving Pond Rd., but paving Pond Rd. will change forever the nature and the use of this road.

Judi Manchester, Shelburne


The importance of children’s safety

I visit the Shelburne Post office daily to pick up my mail. I am very concerned that there will be a tragic accident in the Post Office parking lot before the winter is over. This parking lot is for the exclusive use of the post office patrons. Traffic is fairly high volume and quick turnover – i.e., a lot of traffic that zips in and out.

It is not unusual to find several cars parked in the lot belonging to individuals who have brought their children to the hill to go sliding. I am all for children having a place to slide. (I did for all my younger years and I enjoyed it very much). However, my concern is the safety of the children. I was told about an instance that occurred this year of where a vehicle was backing up when several children ran behind it. The driver did see the children but the possibility existed that he might not have. This would have been a tragedy. Last week, I saw a toddler coming around the rear of a car as I was backing out of the adjoining parking space.  (Mother was loading sleds and not aware of her youngest child’s whereabouts…)

There is a sign that directs parking for those using the hill to park as follows: “Patrons Using Laplotte Nature Park Must Park in The Shelburne Avenue Lot.” I have no objection to parents parking in the post office lot on Saturday afternoon and Sunday when the post office is closed. We are fortunate to have such a place in Shelburne for our families to slide. Let us keep it safe and park in the designated parking lot. What is more important–the safety of our youth or the convenience to park closer to the hill? My concern and that of parents, is and should be, the safety of our children. So please park in the designated parking lot before we have an incident that we all will regret.

Carroll A. “Bud” Ockert, Shelburne

Say no to paving Pond Road

I live near Pond Road and walk my Golden Retriever often on its wonderful dirt road and I can’t imagine how it would change (for the worse) if paved. I would like to voice my strong opposition to any plans of paving.

Ashley McAvey, Shelburne

One thought on “The Readers Write

  1. I would encourage Shelburne Residents to visit Pond Road during the current thaw to witness the road as it exists for much of the year. For those of you who feel it is a nature path rather than a road I invite you to slog through the mud with your dog if you like. If you have the option to avoid the road when it is in this condition, give it a try so you will understand why it needs to be paved. It is unsafe and a mess.

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