SCS News and Views – Ellery Harkness

Ellery Harkness

Ellery Harkness

By Jack Caswell, SCS 8th grader

When Ellery Harkness was just 5 years old, she moved from California to Shelburne. Now she is a student council representative, for the fourth year in a row at Shelburne Community School.

Ellery is a very creative 8th grader. When she grows up, she says “I want to do something creative with my life.” Ellery loves to write. She recently participated in the class Novel Writing Month where she wrote a 21 page story in just 30 days. Other creative things that Ellery likes to do are movie making, graphic design, and photography.

Ellery has a black lab dog named Milo, along with her chickens, her sister Abigail, and her parents Sharon and Geoffrey. Ellery’s sister, Abigail, also goes to the Shelburne Community School. Ellery excells through every school year, also diligently working with the school play and chorus.

Ellery’s favorite type of music to listen to is alternative rock. She went to the Train concert recently. For the past two years, she has been learning to play the guitar. Along with listening to music, going to concerts, and playing the guitar, she enjoys Friday night comedies or intriguing novel mysteries.

Ellery also loves to travel. When she gets older, she would love to travel through Europe. She says “I like the culture and experiencing different lifestyles.” She also dreams of traveling to places like Spain, Japan, and France.

Ellery’s favorite food to eat is sushi. She enjoys all types, along with anything sweet. She loves to bake too. Her favorite part is putting the icing on the cake. She hopes that one day she will make a soufflé by herself.

Ellery enjoys the beautiful weather of the Green Mountain states. She says, “It’s nice to have such beautiful weather, along with a city-like place right downtown.” Ellery finds herself down on Church Street in Burlington frequently shopping.

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