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Jack Caswell

Jack Caswell

By Ellery Harkness, SCS 8th grader

Jack Caswell was born in Burlington, Vt. and has lived in Shelburne his entire life. He is currently an 8th grader at Shelburne Community School.  You might recognize him as he is involved in student council. He plays a variety of sports including baseball, skiing, and soccer. Jack recently wrote a 19 page adventure story for National writing month with his class. His new endeavor is writing for the Shelburne News as his 8th grade community service.

His parents are Bridget and Henrey Caswell. He has three siblings: Carly, A junior at CVU, Hank, a 7th grader at SCS and Grace, a 5th grader at SCS. He also has a golden retriever named Higgins who can hug on command.

Jack enjoys making movies and wants to be in the movie business when he is older, whether it’s writing, directing, or editing them.  Jack always loved to watch movies and would inquire how they were done. Now, he is actually making his own movies.  He says, “The entire process of making them is really fun.” Jack enjoys filming the most because of all the different things that you could do with it. Some of the things on Jack’s bucket list include “making at least one movie and to swim with sharks.” His favorite movies are the James Bond series.

Favorite summer activities: tubing, swimming, and water skiing in Lake Champlain

Favorite book: “The Hunger Games”

Favorite food: ice cream

Favorite music: Dubstep, Skrillex

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