News from the Pierson Library

Upcoming Young People’s Movies: Gather every Thursday at 3:15 pm in the Youth area for the movie of the week.  Popcorn will be served. Our “coming attractions” are:

 Thursday, Jan. 17: a funny retelling of the classic fairy tale, “Snow White”

 Thursday, Jan. 24: an animated fantasy film about a boy and his dog, very loosely based on the movie “Frankenstein”

 Thursday, Jan. 31: “Alvin & the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked”


Congratulations to our new young members! The Pierson Library welcomes the younger generation of readers. Library cards were recently issued for:

Grier Bellezza, age 5

Anna Bloomberg, age 5

Jacob Bloomberg, age 7

Alexa Embick, age 5

Visa Nguyen, age 14

Maggie Phillips, age 5

Sofia Schug, age 5

Ben Troy, age 5

Theo Troy, age 7

If your child–or grandchild–has recently turned 5 years old, mark this rite of passage by obtaining a library card. Good reading habits start early! Of course, we welcome new patrons of all ages and remember that Pierson offers more than books: we have desktop and lap top computers for your use in the library; an extensive collection of audio books; a wide selection of DVDs of movies as well as popular TV shows; magazines and newspapers; and–of course–books! We add to our collection nearly every day, so please drop by frequently.


Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday: The library will be closed on Monday, Jan. 21 in honor of Martin Luther King’s birthday.  Stock up on any books, DVDs, or other items you might need before we close on Saturday at 3 pm.

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