CVU School Board gives turf field fundraising committee green light

At a special meeting on Jan. 7, CVU School Board member Jeanne Jensen presented a report regarding athletic field rehabilitation on behalf of the Facilities Committee. The committee is recommending a synthetic turf solution to the field problems, and they are fully aware that the Board is unable to justify spending the amount necessary (at least 1.2 million dollars for one turf field), and therefore will need significant fundraising support from the community. Following the report, the Board unanimously approved a motion to give its support to the synthetic turf field project and authorize the community group to work with the administration to begin fundraising. Although no action was taken regarding a bond vote, at this time, according to head football coach Jim Provost the general feeling was if the fundraising committee could raise some money in the next few months the board would consider a bond.

The fundraising committee’s first order of business by will be to name a chair and formulate a fundraising plan.

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