SCS National Geography Results

Shelburne Community School National Geo Bee competitors from L-R:  Zach Loiter, 2nd place; Sarah Clauss, 3rd place, and Tomas Georgsson, SCS Champion.

Shelburne Community School National Geo Bee competitors from L-R: Zach Loiter, 2nd place; Sarah Clauss, 3rd place, and Tomas Georgsson, SCS Champion.

By David Southworth

Over 400 Shelburne Community School (SCS) students, in grades 4-8, participated in this year’s classroom rounds of the National Geographic Geography Bee competition. For the first time ever, more than 10 students school-wide scored a perfect 7 out of 7 points in the preliminary classroom round!  These 13 students had the opportunity to compete in the single elimination, tie-breaker round to determine the top 10 students who advanced to the final round.

Nearly 40 students scored 6 out of 7 in the preliminary classroom round, just missing the opportunity to compete in the advanced rounds.

Congratulations to this year’s winner, 8th grader Tomas Georgsson, the son of Georg Georgsson and Susan Dunning. Tomas has taken a 70 question, multiple-choice test in the hopes of qualifying for the state level of competition scheduled for April 5. Tomas outscored second place winner, Zach Loiter in a 4-round championship competition. Sarah Clauss earned third place.

Special recognition is in order for fifth grader Ethan Harvey, who advanced to the school final round.

In the tiebreaker rounds, all students received the same questions at the same time and had 15 seconds to write down their answers. The finals rounds included simultaneous questions, interpretation of a “U.S. Scenic Trails” map and individual oral answers.

Students advanced to the following levels:

Qualified for the tiebreaker round:  Peter Antinozzi

Tiebreaker round 1:  Emma Ramirez-Richer and Olivia Fields

Final round 3:  Ethan Harvey

Final round 4:  Emma Rosenau, Hannah Tiballi, Harrison Thayer, James White, Walker Storey, and Elena Crites

Final round 13:  Sarah Clauss – 3rd place!

Second Place:

SCS runner-up from the championship round – Zach Loiter – 2nd place!

First Place:

SCS Champion–Tomas Georgsson

A special thank you is in order for all of the grades 4-8 classroom teachers and teams, who not only increase the geographical knowledge of their students, but also provide time each year in their busy classroom schedules to support this opportunity for their students.

And now, here is an annual test of your geography knowledge using questions from the classroom, tiebreaker, finals, championship, and championship tiebreaker rounds respectfully:

To visit the old quarter in the city of Fez and to go hiking in the Atlas Mountains, you would travel to what country?

The sources of the Snake and Yellowstone Rivers are in what major mountain range?

The Danakil Depression, located in part of the Great Rift Valley, is one of the lowest points on which continent?

Name the large chain of volcanic islands that stretch about 1,200 miles westward from the Alaska Peninsula.

The former capital city of Almaty is located south of Lake Balkhash in which Asian country?



Rocky Mountains




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