The Readers Write – Shelburne’s 250 birthday deserves celebration


Fifty years ago in 1963 I approached the Selectmen and asked what they were planning for the town bicentennial. They had nothing planned but would be receptive to any ideas. The word got out, people volunteered, and committees were formed. Dunbar Bostwick planned the barbeque, Pete Keelty and Sterling Emerson were in charge of the parade, Mrs. Tracy and Marie Harding wrote the history book. Charlie Hubbard wondered if there was still an Earl of Shelburne. He found him, a young man in his 20s in England, invited him as our guest and the rest as they say is history. There were many citizens of Shelburne who came forth and helped the town celebrate its birthday. It was without a doubt one of our finest hours. Whether our 250th can equal or surpass it, I don’t know, but I hope there is someone in town that can make it happen.

Bill Deming, Shelburne

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