The Readers Write – LEDs: energy efficiency at a reasonable price

Here in Vermont, we are privileged to be consistently pushed towards a “greener lifestyle” and more energy efficient standards of living. These new norms help Vermonters save thousands of dollars each year, while simultaneously saving thousands of tons of CO2 from entering our atmosphere. But how many of us actually take that step? I believe those who haven’t yet just don’t know where to start. One of the best places to start is with a lighting renovation; new LED technology makes lighting more efficient than ever before. Many are deterred by the costly investment that this requires, but what they don’t realize is that there are organizations and businesses in Vermont that make this transition much more affordable. One strong non-profit organization is Efficiency Vermont, which in 2011 served 1,100 small businesses and helped lower Vermont’s energy consumption by almost 2 percent that year as well, totaling to about 108,000 MW of energy savings. One of the easiest ways to join in the savings is to begin using LED lighting in your home or business. This form of lighting is 50 percent more efficient than fluorescent lighting, and 80 percent more than incandescent light. Energy savings from these lights can also be directly channeled into net operating income; if you are a business owner, this can significantly increase the value of your property. Because Efficiency Vermont provides generous rebates to businesses looking towards LEDs, the return on investment for this transition can be considerably reduced, depending on the size of the renovation. If you are interested, you should visit Efficiency Vermont’s web page at, or visit my website at

Julien Vandal, Shelburne

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