Shelburne Energy Committee begins year with action

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In President Obama’s inaugural address he stated, “The path toward sustainable energy sources will be long and sometimes difficult. But America cannot resist this transition–we must lead it.”  As Vermonters we are accustomed to leading and this year there are many positive signs that give us hope. Environmental activist, author, and journalist Bill McKibben was honored with Vermonter of the Year; Wake Robin received the 2012 Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence; effective January, the University of Vermont banned the sale of bottled water on campus; and our own Shelburne Energy Committee (SEC) is doing their part by starting the year off with an Icicle Challenge contest!

Action is the theme for 2013 as we collectively find ways to combat climate change.

All actions matter, large or small and this Icicle Challenge promises to be simple and fun. Energy committee member Judy Raven sums it up well, “Our Shelburne Icicle contest is the first in a series of events in the coming year. The energy committee is excited to be part of Efficiency Vermont’s ( ) statewide Vermont Home Energy challenge to encourage Vermonters to improve the thermal efficiency of their homes. We hope to help homeowners in town save energy and reduce their heating bills.”

Icicles hanging down from your roof might be a sign that your heating bills are going through the roof!  Now you can do something about it with the potential of winning a contest. Who doesn’t like a contest?  And , the prize is big. The winner will receive an Energy Audit by Perkins Smith Design Build and a consultation on ways to finance home improvements with financial planner Jason Cadwell.

The rules are spelled out below; however, anyone who would like further information can contact Judy Raven at 985-2247.

The contest is open to single-family homeowners (under 3,000 square feet) in Shelburne.

All icicle photos should be taken during the winter of 2012-13.

Homeowners should submit photos to Judy Raven at

If you do not have a camera, contact the SEC and a photograph will be taken for you.

Entry deadline is Feb. 28, 2013.

The contest will be judged by appropriate unbiased town luminaries.

At least 10 contestants are required for a prize to be awarded.

Let’s applaud the efforts of our SEC members getting 2013 off to a great start by organizing something simple and fun! And if for some reason your home doesn’t qualify for this contest, encourage a friend, relative, or neighbor to enter! Vermont has the potential to be a leader in the effort toward a more sustainable energy future. We can all do our part to lead that vision!

Next month learn about the inspiring initiatives at the Shelburne Community School with a focus on their composting program! If you have an example or model of environmental actions to share with the community please contact Laurie Caswell-Burke at

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