YWP sponsors Vermont Writes Day Feb. 7

Seven minutes on the 7th. Students, teachers, principals, school staff, and fellow Vermonters will write together in the annual, statewide Vermont Writes Day sponsored by Young Writers Project (YWP) on Feb. 7, the birthday of writers Charles Dickens, Sinclair Lewis, and Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Last year, 69 schools participated! YWP’s goal in this project is to help people understand how important good writing skills are to learn, to develop critical thinking skills and to succeed in the workplace.

YWP has a special web site, www.vermontwritesday.org, which will be open for use on Feb. 7 for people to post their work and give each other comments. Writers may also post to www.youngwritersproject.org. Participants are encouraged to provide feedback to each other, display their writing in schools, and offer it for publication in YWP’s Newspaper Series in 22 newspapers and on Vermont Public Radio.

Participants are asked to write an anecdote, poem, or essay for seven minutes on one of the following suggested prompts:

Farming: Share a story about a farm or farmer that you know or an experience you’ve had on a farm and show why farming is important.

Robots: Incorporate this phrase in a story or poem: “But that all changed when the robots came…”

Climate Change: If you could make one change in the world to offset climate change, what would it be? Or: Winning the fight against climate change is not impossible because [.........] happened.

Moment: It was a moment I will never forget … finish the story.

Freestyle: General writing on any topic in any genre.

Please browse the site, www.vermontwrites.org, or contact YWP for more information. Check with local schools about the timing of their event. They can take any seven minutes during the school day on Feb. 7, so times may vary.

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