Shelburne School Board adopts $11.9 million budget

By Gail Callahan

The Shelburne School Board managed to steer clear of a two-part vote on Town Meeting Day on its proposed spending plan. Last week, the panel voted to adopt an $11,995,493 budget, a figure that’s up 4.43 percent from the current year.

The budget received its final hearing before being warned for the March vote last Tuesday before a crowd at Shelburne’s Municipal office complex. The School Board began the process to come up with a FY 14 spending plan last fall, holding a number of hearings and a public budget forum.

“People seemed very pleased with the budget,” said Shelburne School Vice Chairman Bob Finn, earlier this week. “During the public budget forum it seemed people understood why we made the decisions we did. We got a lot of support from the community and from the (school) administration on how to stabilize costs.”

Finn also pointed out that rising enrollment at the Community School and that figure’s impact on the district’s education spending per equalized pupil also factored into the budget.

Shelburne-unlike its fellow Chittenden South Supervisory Union towns Hinesburg and Charlotte-managed to avoid a two-part budget vote. Finn explained that the Board used some $140,000 from its General Fund, adding it to the FY 14’s baseline budget, removing the two-vote predicament.

Residents will vote on both the municipal and school budgets during day-long Australian balloting during March Town Meeting. The night before polling takes place, the School Board will publically go over the spending plan.


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