Toni Supple announces bid for Selectboard

I am announcing my candidacy for the 2-year Selectboard term currently occupied by Bill Smith.

I’ve lived in Shelburne for 18 years with my husband, Bill, and our three children — Anna, Laura, and Rayne.  I’ve owned and managed our business, Picket Fence Preview, together with my husband, for 20 years. I consider Shelburne my “hometown,” and have enjoyed the camaraderie and spirit at Little League games, and the friendship of neighbors and friends in our town. I love the “small town” feel that we have and want to preserve what is precious and special about Shelburne while also doing what is necessary to revitalize business along Rt. 7 and in the village.

I’ve served on the Planning Commission since October 2011. During this time I’ve come to appreciate that the best-made plans interact with those that implement them, and for this reason I’ve chosen to run for the Selectboard.  I believe our town is obligated to serve the will of the people, to respectfully listen to and address their complaints and concerns, and to provide services to ensure optimal functioning of our roads, schools, utilities, and police and fire stations.  Government is dysfunctional when it chooses, instead, to impose its own will on the people it serves!

I will work to provide:

1) Better accountability, transparency, and communication between the town and townspeople (think street lights!).  The Shelburne News and Front Porch Forum can be used more effectively to notify us of upcoming meeting agendas and town construction/removal events.

2) A solution to traffic build-up in the village on Rt. 7 and safer crossings for our children.

3) Lower property tax rates by increasing businesses along Rt. 7 while utilizing appropriate zoning to avert a “strip mall” appearance.

4) A small playground/park in the village for seniors and children to enjoy, reducing the need for children to cross Shelburne Rd. (to reach school playgrounds). And to re-instill a seasonal public skating rink on the parade ground/farmers’ market lot.

5) Responsible growth; protecting natural resources; homeowners’ rights and the integrity of existing neighborhoods (ie. not linking neighborhoods together without majority consent)

I would appreciate your vote on March 5.

Antoinette (Toni) Supple, Shelburne

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