Please pave Pond Road

Last weekend, while driving to our home on Pond Road, we passed someone walking their dog. With wind-chill temperatures of well below zero degrees, it must have not been too comfortable. But what struck us were the clouds of dust that enveloped this walker, dust being raised by passing vehicles. Earlier in the week, in an effort to ensure that Pond Road was passable by emergency vehicles and other drivers, our valiant Highway Superintendent Paul Goodrich made a somewhat fruitless (and expensive) effort to add more gravel and to grade those portions of the road that were deeply rutted and potholed. The result was clouds of wind driven dust swirling along Pond Road throughout the next few days.

Unfortunately, this condition happens regularly on Pond Road. Mr. Goodrich will tell you that he dumps more than $25,000 worth of gravel and grading on the road every year and would like to add more but is limited by his budget. A few weeks earlier, during a particularly nasty stretch of weather, the Shelburne Police had to close the Rte 116 end of Pond Road due to icy conditions. Several cars had slid off the road and the police had a difficult time navigating the road. No other road in Shelburne experienced those same impassable conditions that evening because every other road in Shelburne is paved.

Isn’t it time to face the facts? It is time to pave Pond Road. It is treacherous and oft-times nearly impassable. More than 32 taxpaying citizens signed a recent petition requesting that the Selectboard consider paving Pond Road. Mr. Goodrich has a plan in mind that will not break the bank. Part of the plan would include utilizing part of the existing roadway as a gravel pedestrian path that could be accommodated alongside the pavement. Those who enjoy walking on the side of Pond Road would be accommodated. Those of us who live on Pond Road would appreciate the sanity of a paved road. And the emergency services would feel safe traveling on the road.

Radcliffe L. Romeyn, Shelburne

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