Petra Cliffs, area’s newest art gallery

Petra Cliffs is an indoor climbing center, mountaineering school, and a summer day camp. Two months ago, local artist Greg Forber was approached by Petra Cliffs to gauge his level of interest in using the indoor rock climbing facility as a backdrop for his work. Petra’s Jenny Jacobson explained to Forber that the business would like to start displaying local artwork, in their Burlington climbing center. According to Forber, “she [Jenny] had seen my work that was published in Thread magazine and liked it.” Once approached, Forber suggested he could work using climbers as the subjects of the pieces in the exhibit. Forber elicited the help of Thread publisher Ben Sarle to take photos of climbers at Petra. “Jenny and four of her friends modeled for us.  We had Ben roped up taking pictures from the top of the rock climbing wall, getting some dynamic angles of the climbers.” The shoot lasted about an hour and gave Forber the material on which he based his drawings that will be on display.  Fast forward to next Friday night, May 4, 7-9 pm, when the public is invited to the opening reception of Forber’s exhibit of his works in pastels and colored pencils.

Petra Cliffs is located at 105 Briggs Street in Burlington. Visit for more information, or call 657-3872.

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