Zach Holman

Zach Holman is politically correct. “The one thing about Zach that stands out for me has everything to do with him as a person and nothing to do with him as an athlete,” said Champlain Valley Union (CVU) head alpine ski coach Mike Minnerly. “Involved in student government when the alpine team was on the chopping block due to budget cuts, Zach kept us apprised of the situation, rallied the troops, and advocated for the ski team,” Minnerly shared. “He may not know this but I’m very grateful for his efforts.”

Born in Long Island, N.Y. on March 8, 1995, Holman and his family made a permanent move to Shelburne after a brief stint in Charlotte when he was seven months old. His family includes parents, Leslie and Andy, older sister Amanda, a junior at McGill University, and a bearded collie named Dougal.

Holman credited his family for his foray into the sport. “I’m from a skiing family,” he said. “My dad raced when he was in high school and in college. At age seven I started organized racing for the Green Mountain Valley School. I competed for six years before I quit,” Holman shared. “I took it up again as a freshman at CVU.”

The lone senior on the team, Holman earned the title of captain this year. “Sometimes skiing can get pretty intense so my strength as captain is to keep it fun,” he said. “My goal is to keep things positive.” Minnerly concurs with his self-assessment and adds, “It’s nice to have a veteran on the team. And Zach has been on the ski team all four years of high school. He has a real passion for skiing.”

Holman admits to one pre-race ritual. “Before every race I try to go on YouTube and check out the latest Ted Ligety ski race. As a GS skier, an Olympic gold medalist, and winner of 11 World Cups he’s pretty inspirational.”

Holman’s favorite sports memory is about the ski team. “On my first year on the varsity ski team CVU made it to states. I was only a sophomore but we skied really strong and well as a team. It was a lot of fun.”

In addition to alpine skiing, Holman is a varsity tennis player, and has held a keen interest in student government throughout high school. Holman has been involved in student council, currently serves as a representative to the CVU School Board, and is the founder of the Vermont Interscholastic Council that addresses policy issues among Chittenden County high schools.

For next year Holman will consider parlaying his interest in government into either political science or economics at one of the 14 schools he has applied. Colorado College in Colorado Springs is among his top choices although he will wait to make a final decision until after he hears from such competitive colleges as Amherst College, Tulane University, Northeastern University, and Hamilton College, among others. I’m confident that Holman’s political talents will not go unnoticed. In fact, based on past experience, this competitive and fun athlete will find success at the college community of his choosing.

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