Maple Leaf Carpet & Tile Cleaning selected for exclusive Oriental Rug and Fine Fabric program

Clint West, owner of Maple Leaf Carpet & Tile Cleaning

Clint West, owner of Maple Leaf Carpet & Tile Cleaning

Maple Leaf Carpet & Tile Cleaning, a cleaning firm operating in Shelburne since 2000, was one of only 20 companies selected from cleaning firms across the US, Canada, and the UK to participate in the Textile Pro Program in 2013.

The Textile Pro Program is a course of advanced training to develop specialists in the field of oriental and specialty rug care, as well as fine fabric care. It was developed by certified rug specialist Lisa Wagner and certified fabric specialist Jim Pemberton.

“This is six months of training, so we only select 20 companies to work with at a time from the large number who apply. The companies we choose are based on their level of professionalism, knowledge of cleaning and restoration, and their overall culture of wanting to provide the best service to their clients,” explained Ms. Wagner.

“Our industry has lacked advanced textile training and it’s led to a real deficit in rug and fabric specialists for today’s investment textiles and furnishings. This program is designed for those who are already very good in their craft, to help them excel even more in this field,” added Mr. Pemberton.

Maple Leaf Carpet & Tile Cleaning already provides rug and upholstery cleaning services. The owner, Clint West, shared that this is an opportunity to become even more skilled at handling especially natural fiber (wool, silk, cotton) textiles for their region.

Clint shared, “This was an opportunity for me to take part in the best program in the nation for this field and I am honored to be selected. This will allow me to provide even better expertise and workmanship for my clients’ oriental rugs and fine fabrics.”

For more information about Maple Leaf Carpet & Tile Cleaning you can visit their website at or call (802) 985-1178.

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