Shelburne Craft School, Frog Hollow announce partnership

The Shelburne Craft School of Shelburne and Frog Hollow Vermont State Craft Center located in Burlington are pleased to announce a partnership which will benefit each of their membership bases.

Effective immediately members of each organization will receive the benefits of the complementary organization. “We are thrilled to be working with such a great organization as the Shelburne Craft School,” said Rob Hunter, Executive Director of Frog Hollow. “Some of our biggest successes in the past three years have come about as a result of solid community partnerships like this one. As we strengthen our non-profit mission of craft education and exhibition connecting with an established center like the Shelburne Craft School really makes sense.” In addition to statewide Frog Hollow artisan classes being posted on the Frog Hollow website the entire catalog of Shelburne Craft School classes are posted as well.

Highlighted by a 10 percent discount on all classes at the Shelburne Craft School for members of either organization the partnership also provides as a discount on Frog Hollow purchases, complimentary gift boxes with gallery purchases, and invitations to special artisan events at Frog Hollow and its off-site exhibit venues.

“We are very excited to collaborate with Frog Hollow Vermont State Craft Center. For years our organizations have been active in the Crafts movement in Vermont, and we are now able to appreciate each other strengths and offerings,” commented Sage Tucker-Ketcham Executive Director, Shelburne Craft School. “This member partnership will allow both organizations to promote each other’s offerings as well as strengthen the Craft community. Instructors and students will be inspired by the talented exhibitors and artisans at Frog Hollow.” Frog Hollow members will have more affordable access to classes such as woodworking, metalsmithing, stain glass, pottery, and more. “Collaboration has been an essential part of the Shelburne Craft Schools values, and we look forward to the benefits of this member partnership,” added Tucker-Ketcham.

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