On paving Pond Road

Clearly, some Pond Road residents want to pave the road and some do not. The most recent pro-paving letter cited occasions of dust clouds and icy conditions as reasons to proceed. I guess something is always going on with the weather around here, but, hey, this is still Vermont, is it not?

Some Pond Road residents may have lived there forever, but I’m wondering if those who moved there, and now want it paved, happened not to notice that Pond Road is dirt? Why did they choose to live on a dirt road if lack of paving is such a problem? If they really wanted a paved environment, why didn’t they select from all the other roads in Shelburne, all of which are apparently already paved.

Were they thinking that once they settled in, they would then begin the process of applying for paving? Were they thinking that “sanity,” to quote the other letter, needed to be introduced into every corner of the town, without exception, and it was their mission to help make it happen? I don’t know, but I side with the non-pavers. They made a choice too, and it should be respected.

Jim White, Shelburne

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