Pave Pond Road

Some recent letters have extolled the beauty of leaving Pond Road a dirt road. As one who lives off this road, readers should be aware that, over the long run, leaving it a dirt road may actually be more expensive to Shelburne residents than having it paved (the city is studying this). In addition, as the last week has shown, a dirt road can cause increased need for car alignments, tire repairs from potholes, need for extra car washes, and other costs that Shelburne residents can incur. And although some believe leaving the road a dirt road is safer, my research suggests that may not be the case. Finally, dirt (and often mud) roads discourage both commuting and recreational biking. I agree the views from Pond Road are wonderful, I just think paving it will not decrease this beauty much and will benefit most Shelburne residents. Many of us are glad that, in the past, the town decided to pave Bishop Road, Spear St Extension, Dorset St. Extension and other roads. I think the same will be true if Pond Road were paved. 

John Hughes, Shelburne

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