Dollars and sense for Pond Road

It seems to me that one shouldn’t have to think long and hard as to whether we should leave Pond Road like it is or pave it. To leave it like it is and keep adding a lot of money to it every year so it can be passable does not make sense. Every spring it needs to be closed until the ground firms up and the road crew puts a lot of hours of labor and materials. It’s very obvious to me that the difference in costs from the constant labor and materials poured into it every year versus the cost of paving makes sense. To leave it so one can use it for a walking path and walking their pets seems to be a very expensive alternative. We now have a dog park and most recently the LaPlatte Nature Park that I am sure is intended for those purposes. I was brought up on a dirt road and told not to walk or play on the road for safety reasons. Several weeks ago I was driving on Pond Road and had to stop because two dogs were playing ahead of a jogger that was with them. Cars parked at the intersection of Dorset Street, Irish Hill Road, and Pond Road are sometimes not completely off the road which makes for another hazard. The speed on Pond Road can be controlled after it’s paved. The Shelburne Police Department has been doing a great job controlling speed on Spear and Dorset Streets to mention just a few so I don’t think that should be a factor. Shelburne needs to find ways to cut costs and this is certainly a good place to start.

Larry Godard, Shelburne

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