WRP makes donation to Green Mountain Animal Defender

Last week a Shelburne couple was charged with one count each of animal cruelty and their three horses were impounded by Spring Hill Horse Rescue. The Spring Hill team is now beginning the long process of rehabilitation for these horses that will need extensive veterinary and farrier care for months, if not years.

Wind Ridge Publishing’s co-publisher and horse enthusiast Holly Johnson was compelled to donate $500 to the cause and urges other supporters to do the same. Make a donation now and Green Mountain Animal Defenders (GMAD) will match funds raised (up to $1,500) to help with the care and rehabilitation of the horses rescued in this case.

Your donation at work: $4 buys one small square hay bale, $22 buys one 50-pound bag of grain, $35 buys one large round hay bale, $45 buys five pounds of probiotics, and $60 buys a six-pack of pellet wormer.

Donations in any amount are needed and appreciated. Please consider making a tax-deductible online at www.gmad.info/actnow.php#ActNow111. To donate by check, please send to: GMAD, PO Box 4577, Burlington, VT 05406. Please indicate “Horse Rescue” in the memo section or in a note.

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