Pierson Library launches eBook lending service

A new Freading eBook service is now available at the Pierson Library. The service features over 20,000 titles from more than a dozen small and independent publishers. The service is only available to Shelburne residents with a valid library card.

Here’s how Freading works! Using your computer, tablet, or smartphone, simply go to piersonlibrary.freading.com and click on login in the upper right hand corner of the page. Upon logging in with your library barcode, you will see a splash page come up. Just follow the instructions in this easy 1-2-3 guide and you’ll be on your way to enjoying eBooks. Additionally, the Freading app is available in the Apple App Store, Android Market, and Kindle Fire store.

Once logged in, in the upper right corner of the site, you will see information regarding your account. Specifically, you will see an allotment of “tokens,” which is a virtual currency that you can redeem for eBook downloads. It will say 0/4, or some other configuration, which means you have four tokens for this week, and you have four unused tokens remaining. Library patrons receive a token allotment of 4 per week.

Different books cost different token amounts. The token amount required for a book is labeled clearly on the book display. Newer books usually cost four tokens and the older a book is the fewer tokens it costs. Unused tokens roll over to the following week. However, every four weeks, unused tokens expire.

The library does have an overall weekly token redemption limit. Which means you might not always be able to download books, but you will be able to queue up for the following week to do so.

“The Pierson Library is the first library in Vermont to offer this service. There is a growing demand in Shelburne for access to eBooks,” said library director Kip Roberson. “Freading complements our other eBook service, ListenUpVermont, quite nicely. The best part is that not only is the pricing model affordable for small libraries it offers an easy-to-use interface for users.” 

The 20,000 plus titles include mysteries, romance novels, poetry, children’s books, and a wide range of non-fiction topics. All titles are available all the time so there is never a wait for a title. If you find a title you want, download it and start reading it right away. Books are borrowed for two weeks and can be renewed for another two weeks, usually without having to use additional tokens. There are never any overdue fines either.

Discover the power of your library card and try it out today! If you don’t have a library card, stop in and sign up. A Pierson Library card will give you access to books, DVDs, eBooks, eAudiobooks, magazines, research databases, over 500 online educational courses, language learning software, and much more. If you have any questions about Freading or any other library service, do not hesitate to ask a librarian.

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