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Rachel Unsworth

Rachel Unsworth

by Shania Bunbury

Rachel Unsworth was born on March 28, 1998 and raised in Shelburne, Vermont. Rachel now attends SCS and will be attending CVU next year. Her favorite subject is Social Studies, because it tells a story and is interesting to learn about life in the past. Rachel’s hobbies are making videos with friends, listening to music, playing field hockey, and sailing (on small boats!). Her mother was born and raised in South Africa and her dad has lived in Vermont since he was a child. Her brother is now 25 and is out west snowboarding having the time of his life and her sister is now 23 and in India exploring and experiencing a new culture. When I asked Rachel what her favorite shows are she answered with “Gilmore Girls,” “30 Rock,” “Friends” and much more! When Rachel grows up, she wants to be an architect, designer, or a film director/producer.

Favorite Place: London, England

Favorite Food: A good pizza and Nutella

Best Recent Read: “The Hunger Games!”

Favorite Music: Pop and various types of music

Favorite Movie: “Clue”

Bucket List: Move to London and Paris for a while, design a skyscraper in New York City

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