Elect Bob Lake

I would like to write a letter of recommendation for a gentleman that I have known for many years whom I see has decided to seek a seat on our town Selectboard. His name is Bob Lake.

Presently, Bob is the health officer for the town of Shelburne, he is the president of his company, Majestic Corporation, and is also the chairman of our board of directors at Green Mountain Credit Union in South Burlington. I am the branch manager at our South Burlington office of Green Mountain Credit Union.

I have worked with Bob in a few different locations and in various capacities since I first met him in the mid-1980s. I have a very high degree of regard for Bob’s business sense and for his personal character. Whenever I have the opportunity to deal with Bob, I know that I can count on him to seek out all necessary information to be able to make a clear and fair business decision. He does his homework and he very clearly takes pride in his civic and business responsibilities. And as important, Bob is a very personable fellow and has always impressed me with the ability to deal with business and personal situations in a clear, concise, and fair manner.

When the time comes to vote for our next Selectboard candidates, I hope that you will consider voting for Bob Lake.

Peter Crapo, Shelburne

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