“Small Mammal Rehabilitation Basics” workshop with Helena Nicolay

Did you know that one of the two Vermont “baby squirrel seasons” starts in mid February? Vulnerable new baby squirrels are often separated from their mothers because of circumstances such as high winds, storms, the cutting of tree limbs, or simply, falls from the nest. Without knowledgeable help from rehabilitators like Nicolay, these infants would not survive.  Learn the basics of small mammal rescue and rehabilitation at this free workshop on Saturday Feb. 23 from 10 am to noon at the Writers’ Barn in Shelburne with licensed wildlife rehabilitator and author of “The Squirrel Diaries: Tales from a Wildlife Rehabilitator,” Helena Nicolay.  

Nicolay holds a federal and Vermont state permit and is the director of NorthStream Wildlife Rehabilitation, a facility that currently admits more than one hundred wild animal patients each year.  Her wildlife rescue efforts have been featured in the local television evening news, the Burlington Free Press, and on Vermont Public television’s Outdoor Journal.

Space is limited; to register, please contact Lin@windridgepublishing.com or call 985-3091.

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