Two new Shelburne subdivisions planned

By Carol Casey

Plans for two new developments were presented to the Development Review Board (DRB) at its meeting on February 6, 2013. William Posey applied for and received sketch plan approval for the construction of four single family homes and one duplex off Webster Road bordering on the Kwiniaska barn lot. The duplex will be closest to Webster Road on the northeast corner of the lot, while the single family homes will be clustered around a reserved common area adjacent to the Loeb property on the western boundary and to the Munroe Brook on the southern edge. The Brook will be protected by conservation zone. Dave Marshall of Civil Engineering Associates presented the plans.

James Bahrenberg requested Preliminary Plan approval for six residential and one open space lot near the Northside Drive cul-de-sac and extending south.  Two duplexes would border Northside Drive and the single family homes would be built off an existing road currently designated as Salamander Lane. DRB chair Conard questioned whether two duplexes on a single lot are permitted and asked Courtney Synowiec, the DRB Administrator, to research the issue. Bahrenberg had requested lot frontage waivers for two lots and well as for paving Salamander Road.  The DRB was reluctant to approve the waivers without further information on past precedents and input from the Public Works Department.  Although a private development does not have to meet Public Works specifications regarding wastewater and sewer lines, there was some concern that failure to do so might create a future liability for the town should the private system fail. The DRB voted to continue their consideration until their February 20 meeting when more information would be available.

In other business, the DRB granted:

• Conditional use approval retroactively for completed construction of a lakeshore erosion control structure on the Lola Van Wagenen & George Burrill property at 211 Ordway Shore.  The property owners had repaired and extended an existing seawall without a permit because they didn’t think a permit was required. Once notified of the requirement, they promptly filed the appropriate documents.

• An amendment to a previous condition of approval for a boundary line adjustment for property owned by Jerry Fisher at 197 Northern Heights. The original condition required construction of a hammerhead within 60 days of approval. Construction must now be completed by June 30, 2013.

• Final Plan Approval for the expansion of the Shelburne Village Self Storage Facility.

The next meetings of the Development Review Board will be held on February 20 and March 6.

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