SCS student council gives back

The student council team plans future events in Shelburne Community School on Tuesday, Jan. 22.

The student council team plans future events in Shelburne Community School on Tuesday, Jan. 22.

by Jack Caswell and Ellery Harkness, SCS eighth graders

The student council at Shelburne Community School (SCS) is a group of driven students who have participated in many exciting projects lately. The council is run by Mrs. Halnon, a middle school science teacher, and Claire Deslauriers, the French teacher who also teaches at the middle school level.

The group is currently taking on a few new projects including a fundraiser for the Make a Wish foundation and a new “student of the week” contest that encourages kids to be better students and friends. Each group of core teachers for each middle school team chooses a few students who should be recognized for something they did that week whether it was a good deed or paying attention in class. All the names are displayed each week in the main lobby so the students can be recognized for their behavior. They’re also put into a raffle that is drawn at the very end of the year. The big prize is a huge chocolate bar!

The Make a Wish fundraiser, “Grant a Wish for Make a Wish” works with locals who know SCS students. These residents can make a wish for a chore that the student is willing to do, for example, babysitting, shoveling snow, cooking a meal, or baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies. In exchange for the “wish,” the person will donate to the Make a Wish program. The program is especially important to the school because wishes have been given to a few kids in the school.  This unique fundraiser is just one example of what the student council is up to.

In the past, the group has raised money through dances and donated books to the Rochester School after the hurricane last year ruined their library. SCS students wanted to help other schools that were affected by the hurricane after they were so lucky in surrounding communities. Kids at SCS actually submitted their favorite books to student council so they could share their favorites with them. A total of over 50 books were donated.  The kids also took a field trip to present the books to the kids.

Student council also just picked up the tradition two years ago of presenting at the eighth grade award ceremony and planning out the logistics, decorations, and filming at the ceremony. Student council representatives actually spoke about each award at the ceremony, so they could be involved in both presenting and planning! Student council is involved, not only in the local community, but across the state of Vermont.

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