Bill Smith’s Re-election

I am writing in support of Bill Smith’s re-election to the Selectboard. Bill is running for the two year term and deserves your vote. I have served with Bill for the last six years and found him to be considerate, thoughtful, and very reasonable. His approach is a practical one that seeks to resolve issues as fairly as possible for all the residents of Shelburne. He listens and explores all sides of matters prior to making a decision and continues to have an open mind prior to taking a position or casting his vote. He has served as the Chair of the Board for the last year and has run fair, open meetings allowing all sides of matters to be explored. He has promoted transparency and access to the Board and will continue to be certain that each resident has her/his say.

 Bill has served well and strongly deserves your support and vote on Tuesday, March 5 for the two year term.

Robert C. Roesler, Esq., Shelburne

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