Toni Supple has my vote

I am concerned with the occasional lack of transparency regarding some decision making in our town. I have been directly impacted both by the proposed Davis Park athletic center and by the removal (and subsequent re-installment) of the Davis Park streetlights. I feel that these projects have profound impacts of peoples’ lives, but were planned and/or initiated without adequate input from those most affected.

Toni is keenly aware of Shelburne residents’ frustration at this lack of adequate communication and discussion on many important issues. Her experience serving on the Planning Commission has given her a glimpse of how our town runs. Toni is running for Selectboard on a platform of increasing transparency, accountability, and communication.

If you, like me, feel that major changes such as the Loop Road, streetlights, and athletic facilities are proposed and instigated without adequate communication by the town, then it is time for a change. Let’s move forward to a new era of town decision making. Please join me in voting for Toni Supple on March 5.

Alice Brown, Shelburne

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