Cranmer for Selectboard

I write in support of Allison Cranmer for the Shelburne Selectboard. I know she will do a good job. She listens. She’s thoughtful. And she is open to new ideas.

I appreciate Allison’s welcoming personality, her professional attitude, and her willingness to work across divides in order to keep projects moving and get things done. I have worked with her for many years and witnessed her ability to negotiate delicate situations without losing her determination to move forward. As a Shelburne business owner, that’s what I like to see.

On the Selectboard, Allison will be available to everyone and eager to understand their perspective. She doesn’t pretend to know all of the answers, but she makes an honest effort to understand different points of view.  Because she is collaborative and creative, Allison is very well equipped to help Shelburne tackle the challenges we face in transportation, housing and maintaining our community bonds.

Please vote for Allison Cranmer for Selectboard on March 5.

Tom Hughes, Sunward Systems

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