Support for Shelburne’s animals

Like many others, I was distressed and saddened to learn of the deplorable conditions that three horses in Shelburne had to endure until they were recently rescued. In keeping with their mission of “Working to Protect the Well-Being of All Animals,” Green Mountain Animal Defenders (GMAD) sent out an alert asking animal advocates to help Spring Hill Horse Rescue provide care for these horses by providing much needed financial resources. Our supporters responded with generosity and heartwarming compassion. 

Kudos to Holly Johnson, co-publisher of Wind Ridge Publishing, who not only made a generous donation but also took it upon herself to publish an article regarding the plight of these horses in the Shelburne News (February 14, 2013). She even included a plea asking residents to donate what they could, especially since Green Mountain Animal Defenders had offered to double their donation by matching funds up to $1,500.

I am pleased to report that, with Holly’s help and the generosity of our wonderful Shelburne neighbors, GMAD exceeded our goal! Spring Hill Horse Rescue reports that they are now better equipped to provide day-to-day medical, physical, and emotional care to these horses who are now receiving all the nurturing they need. 

Heartfelt appreciation goes to Holly Johnson and all the other compassionate supporters for taking action and making such a difference in the lives of these horses.

Sharon MacNair, Shelburne resident and President of Green Mountain Animal Defenders

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