Preserve Pond Road

Please let’s preserve beautifully scenic, rural, and historic Pond Road. For us, it is a lovely preamble to visiting wild Shelburne Pond. Cars whizzing along a paved Pond Road will negatively impact this special, protected place. By paving this road, we will forever spoil a source of enjoyment for walkers, joggers, and horseback riders. Future generations of Shelburnites and visitors will no longer get a glimpse of what travel was like in years long past.

Saving tax dollars is not a sufficient reason to pave our town’s last dirt road. Consider this:  Many Vermont communities happily upkeep their “obsolete” covered bridges. Why?  Because they are a valued part of our heritage. Unpaved Pond Road, with its wonderful rural views should be shown similar care, affection, and respect. Let’s not turn it into just another thoroughfare.

Hans and Judy Puck, Shelburne

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