Shelburne Selectboard tackles new issues

By Heather McKim

It was all new business at the Feb. 12 meeting of the Shelburne Selectboard. The meeting was the first and only meeting of the Board for the month, and it also marked Bob Roesler’s final meeting as a member.

In his report, town manager Paul Bohne informed the Board and members of the community that the green light arrow at Harbor Road will eventually be reinstalled after having been uninstalled earlier during work. Bohne said that the date for the reinstallation is currently unclear.

A public hearing for comments and consideration for adopting amendments to Sections 1750.2, 2020.2, and 2110.7 of the town’s zoning bylaws. This hearing was called for at the Jan. 22 meeting.

The proposal would modify regulations governing changes to non-complying structures within the Lakeshore Overlay Zoning District. The sections of zoning bylaws being addressed would deal with structures within 100-foot setback from the 102-foot elevation contour, definition of lakeside wall and extraction, filling or removal of natural resources.

The change would establish a “build up, not out” principle. It would also encourage pitched roofs as well as compatibility of details and materials with surrounding architecture. Overall, the goals of the amendments are to provide a more appealing view from the lake as well as address environmental concerns.

After public comment and discussion amongst members of the Board, the amendments were approved.

The next item up for discussion was to consider the authorization of an application to the Downtown Board for the designation of a portion of the Harrington Village Development as a “Vermont Neighborhood.” Bohne recused himself due to a conflict of interest.

Benefits of the designation include relaxation of Act 250 requirements. This would mean a significant financial savings for the development.

After public comments and discussion amongst the members, the Board voted to close the hearing on the issue. Members then proceeded to vote to authorize the application.

The Board also considered amending the Parking Ordinance to add no parking along the entrance or driveway that provides access to the LaPlatte Nature Park Trails and Overlook from Falls Road. The change would still allow for the two handicap spots to remain.

Members acknowledged that there is limited parking for visitors. However, the lack of parking could not be allowed to trample the rights of the property owners. As such, the Board voted in favor of amending the Parking Ordinance.

Members of the Lewis Creek Association were on hand to give a presentation regarding the report on best management practices for ditch treatment resulting from a project, which had been completed with the help of consultants Milone and MacBroom.

The report had been funded by an ecosystem grant from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation.

After hearing about the matrix established and the maps that had been created as part of the project, the Board members said that they would like for this study to be a reference for now. However, it was not an action at the Feb. 12 meeting. Further discussion regarding the issue shall be held at future meetings.

The board also considered an appeal for relief from Recreation and Education Impact Fees by Stephen and Judith Selin for a property on Harbor Road and an appeal of a penalty for the late payment of property taxes by James Tamulonis. In the former, the Board chose to approve the appeal for relief. In the latter case, however, members voted against the motion.

The next Selectboard meeting is slated for March 12.

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