Dine out March 7 to support Shelburne preschoolers

Shelburne Nursery School students Ethan Garrison, Geoffrey Banks, and Zac Franz (left to right) gather by the pastry case at Next Door Bakery & Café.

Shelburne Nursery School students Ethan Garrison, Geoffrey Banks, and Zac Franz (left to right) gather by the pastry case at Next Door Bakery & Café.

By Janet Foutz

Here’s an easy way to help local children and enjoy a delicious meal without cooking or washing dishes. Take yourself out to eat at a Shelburne restaurant on Thursday, March 7. On that day, participating restaurants will donate 10 percent of their proceeds to Shelburne Nursery School.

“Shelburne Dines Out” is a fundraising event organized by parents of the children who attend the nonprofit nursery school, located in Shelburne Village. Participating restaurants include Buono Appetito, Cucina Antica, Flatbread Factory, Folino’s Pizza, La Villa Bistro, and Next Door Bakery & Café. Patrons should contact individual restaurants for hours of operation and meals served.

Money raised through Shelburne Dines Out will help keep tuition affordable and provide financial assistance to those who need it.

“Each year there are always a few children who would not be able to attend without scholarships,” said Shelburne Nursery School head teacher Joanne Buermann. “Preschool should be available to everyone, regardless of income.”

Now in its 58th year, Shelburne Nursery School is a nondenominational preschool that operates as a parent cooperative, with students’ families sharing responsibilities for administration and maintenance. Enrollment is currently open for fall 2013.

Restaurant owners appreciate this easy opportunity to help Shelburne families with young kids.

“Being a family-oriented restaurant, we serve many families and welcome children to dine with us,” said Cristy Wisell, co-owner of Cucina Antica with her husband, Will. The couple’s daughter, Ryenn, currently attends Shelburne Nursery School. “Will and I know how important early education is for children and the community they grow up in. It is a huge stepping stone to prepare children for elementary school, creating a stronger foundation for the future.”

Several restaurant proprietors share that personal history with Shelburne Nursery School. John Koerner, owner of Folino’s Pizza, attended the school in 1960. His family lived next door to Barbara Snelling, who served as the school’s first Board President. “Back then, that’s how the town worked. We were all neighbors and we did things together to support the community,” Koerner said, noting that he’s glad to continue this tradition.

Sevie Cartularo, executive chef of Buono Appetito, attended Shelburne Nursery School in 1991 and 1992.  His parents remember the school fondly and feel other families should enjoy the same opportunity.

“My wife and I believe that preschool acclimates children to the world and helps them socialize with others,” said Ken Cartularo, Sevie’s father and co-owner of Buono Appetito with his wife, Julie. “The students and their families are our customers, and they support us, so we’re happy to support them. It’s a win-win.”

For more information about Shelburne Dines Out or Shelburne Nursery School, visit shelburnenurseryschool.org or contact Kian Banks, fundraising chair and father of a student in the four-year-old class, hkbanks@sbcglobal.net or (775) 846-4893. The parents and restaurant owners urge diners to mention that they are dining out to support the Shelburne Nursery School Fundraiser.

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