Awakening to Transformation through art, education, spiritual practice

Transformation to a sustainable future requires awakening to new ways of being. Fran Stoddard, former Vermont Public Television host of “Profile,” moderates a three-part series exploring this idea with speakers from the community, in advance of “The Emergent Universe Oratorio” premiering this fall at Shelburne Farms.

The following conversations will be held in March at All Souls Interfaith Gathering from 4-5 pm:

Emergent Universe Oratorio, March 6

Composer Sam Guarnaccia of Shelburne and artist/UVM faculty member Cami Davis reflects on the potential of artistic expression to stir the soul and inspire change. Both are part of the creative team developing the Emergent Universe Oratorio, a new choral and chamber orchestra composition to premier Sept. 15 at Shelburne Farms. The Oratorio will include a dynamic visual art component and is inspired by unfolding scientific cosmology presented in the 2011 documentary “Journey of the Universe.”

Ecology of Learning, Leadership & Change, March 13

Naturalist and UVM faculty member Matt Kolan explores how the wisdom of nature might inspire transformative learning and leadership practices that enhance our unique potential and collective well being. He is joined by Margaret Burke offering insights from her work with young people at Shelburne Farms (and beyond) and recent master’s thesis research to better understand the transformative impact of nature-based programs on adolescents.

Awakening Power of Spiritual Practice, March 20

Sustainability is linked to healing of poverty, injustice, and environmental degradation. Rev. Mary Abele of All Souls Interfaith Gathering and Pastor Nancy Wright of Ascension Lutheran Church in South Burlington share insights and thinking on the potential of spirituality—as expressed through music, art, nature, community life and worship—to raise consciousness and motivate action.

All Souls is located at 291 Bostwick Farm Road in Shelburne. The conversations are free and open to the public although donations are gratefully accepted at the door. Light refreshments will be provided. Reservations are not accepted. Seating is first-come, first serve basis. For more information, call 985-3819 or visit

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