A vote for Toni is a vote for change

I am writing in support of Toni Supple’s candidacy for Selectboard. I have been following the Selectboard for the past 18 months and have come to the conclusion that a serious change has to be made.

It has been extremely frustrating to watch the current Board run the town of Shelburne. They have not allowed concerned citizens attending meetings to speak, noting that similar opinions have already been heard, and that further comment would be a waste of time.  Very few of the Board answers emails that address residents’ concerns, and have used Executive sessions at board meetings to talk about items that should have been discussed in open session. When asked to post on the town website what would be debated each night during budget hearings, they didn’t respond, nor were they willing to televise budget hearings.

The current Board allows our very powerful Town Manager (not elected) to make major decisions that affect all of us when he has virtually no accountability to the Board and to Shelburne residents even though he theoretically works for us.  When a concerned citizen asked for a forum or formal process for public input into the Town Manager’s annual review, the request was refused, and that feedback could be submitted only via communication to the Selectboard.

Folks, much  has been made of the term “transparency” in this election and trust me, it would be a breath of fresh air if the Board actually practiced this on a regular basis. We need a change in leadership at this time in order to help Shelburne residents actually feel that they have a voice in the town in which we live in. I urge you to vote for that change and elect Toni Supple for Selectboard.

Matthew Ottinger, Shelburne

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