Selectboard needs Bob Lake

You’ve read many letters to the editor over the past several weeks in support of one Selectboard candidate over another. Today, I am submitting one for Bob Lake with a daily viewpoint that many others haven’t had. We can talk about how fiscally conservative each candidate is but unless you’ve had firsthand knowledge like I have had from my work experience with Bob, you will not understand how that candidate will ultimately be as a Selectboard member. Over the past nine years I have observed Bob as a business owner and can tell you that he is not an easy person to work for. His level of expectation is well over 100 percent for every employee in each of his companies. My role as Director of Operations for Majestic Car Rental Group puts me in direct contact with Bob on a daily basis to discuss growth potential and opportunities, budgeting and cost controlling measures and customer service and satisfaction issues.  Although these points are all related to his car rental business, they are no different than the topics that the town of Shelburne deals with as well, just on a different scale and with revenue coming from the taxpayers. If you are looking for a Selectboard candidate that is worried about the future of Shelburne and how we will all be able to afford to live here while maintaining the quality of life that we love about our town, then you should vote for Bob Lake on March 5.

Holly Farrington, Shelburne


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