News story brings laughter

Well, I had my laugh for the day when I opened the Shelburne News to the Planning Commission Meeting article on sewage reduction fees  in last week’s issue. “Some (no names listed hmmmmm) pointed out that expanding the coverage would mean more paying customers which would reduce the overall financial burden on current sewer users.” Now, if you can believe that, I will sell Shelburne the Brooklyn Bridge.

I have lived in Shelburne for 46 years and all I have ever seen is a rise in prices for everything. I say go for it and later I imagine the prices will still go up.

Sometimes, I wonder what town officials think when they pay all that money to take street lights down and now will probably pay to put some of them back. Luckily, we have money because we are a rich town. Now, that is a laugh.

Ruth Rothenberger, Shelburne

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