Support Allison Cranmer

I am writing in support of Allison Cranmer for the 3-year Selectboard seat. I have known both Allison and her husband, David, for about 12 years. I know that Allison is a problem solver who takes peoples’ thoughts and ideas very seriously. She can make sense out of differing views and build on them, helping to have respectful understanding. I have seen her ask clarifying questions in a non-confrontational or judgmental manner, yet still get to the heart of the matter at hand.

I know that Allison attended many Selectboard meetings when the street light situation in Shelburne was being discussed. She became involved and represented her neighbors on this issue but soon saw the complexities and differing angles of all the issues facing the Selectboard and the town. I know that Allison will look at the past, present, and future of Shelburne and help guide it with her open-minded approach. She listens to all sides and can make hard choices.

Join me in electing Allison Cranmer for Shelburne Selectboard. Shelburne needs her no nonsense and respectful approach!

Joan Lenes, Shelburne


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