Vote for Bill Smith

I have been married to Bill Smith for 27 years and have known him since I was eight. He is a wonderful father and family man, an incredibly smart businessman, and a truly caring friend. He has enjoyed volunteering his time for the past six years to make Shelburne a better place. He is a man of integrity and is committed to representing the collective voice of Shelburne.

Bill announced his candidacy six years ago and expressed that he wanted to volunteer and serve the community. He didn’t bring a personal agenda to the table, he wasn’t looking to promote a specific issue nor did he have any negative goodwill toward past leaders. His sole goal was to make a positive impact in our town. That same conviction holds true today. Bill works hard for the Selectboard; he attends all meetings and does an incredible amount of work to prepare for each and every one. He is committed to making a difference and gives 110 percent of his effort for the benefit of the town.

Bill is a positive individual and one who doesn’t jump to conclusions or make hasty judgments. He ignores subjective information and sticks to the facts. He has always, in his private life and in his career, taken great pains to fully think through issues and problems. In our family Bill has always been the voice of reason, the one I go when tough decisions arise.

Bill has a positive approach to life, never one to let negativity get in the way. He sees the good in people despite when his integrity has been personally attacked. He is a man of action and a leader.

Our town needs Bill more than ever. There are many challenges the town faces, and we need a leader who is committed, intelligent, experienced and has the ability to bring us all together for the common good of Shelburne.

I ask you to go to the polls and vote for Bill on March 5.

Carol Smith, Shelburne


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