Elect Toni Supple

Two years ago I lost a very close election to a sitting member of the Selectboard.  I didn’t expect to win, but I wanted to air some issues and hopefully, improve the manner in which this Board handles its public business.  I failed.  Little has changed.  We are still left out too often.

We have a chance to make a real change. With a seat open and Toni Supple running against the incumbent, we can bring two fresh faces to the Selectboard.

There are plenty of issues that have been well vetted in letters and well discussed.  We now have a chance to make a change. I trust Toni Supple to ask the questions I or you would like to have answers to. I trust her to listen and respond to the citizens of our town.  I know she will help the Board become better representative of the Town.  Please vote for Toni.

Thank you to all of the candidates.

Dick Elkins, Shelburne


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