Re-elect our dad, Bill Smith to the Shelburne Selectboard

We are writing to encourage you, the citizens of Shelburne to re-elect our dad, Bill Smith to the Shelburne Selectboard.

While we may not live there now, we are proud to call Shelburne our home. Throughout our lives in Shelburne, our dad has worked unbelievably hard to make the town a better place for us and for the community. We are proud to say that our dad has played a key role in implementing numerous town projects; projects such as the new bike path, the dog park, affordable housing, economic development of the town, and protecting open space. Managing to accomplish these is no easy feat, yet our dad managed to do so while maintaining a balanced budget and keeping tax rates steady.

Local governments need people like our dad. He puts a great effort forth to please everyone, while remaining realistic and levelheaded. He listens to each opinion and ensures all perspectives are taken into consideration before making any conclusions. Growing up, dad taught us to listen to all sides of the story and get the facts before passing any judgments or making any decisions. Our dad is the smartest, most thoughtful and inspiring person we know, and we look up to him for the hardworking, honest and caring person that he is.

We are proud to have Bill Smith as our dad, and the Town of Shelburne is lucky to have him as a leader. He has proven his dedication to Shelburne through his six years of commitment to the Selectboard, and he will continue to contribute to the community through his unrelenting efforts and admirable character.

Molly and Taylor Smith, former Shelburne residents


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