Vote for Bob Lake and Toni Supple

Having sat on numerous boards, committees, councils, etc., that are responsible for making policy decisions, it is my opinion that individuals should not sit on such boards more than five or six consecutive years. In many instances there are bylaws that note and enforce this requirement. I am in full agreement with this philosophy. The turnover of board members is necessary to bring new ideas and thoughts to the need of an activity, organization or, in this case, a policy making entity.  This is why I am supporting Bob Lake and Toni Supple in their candidacy for Shelburne Selectboard. Both are experienced local business owners who have genuine concern for Shelburne and the residents of Shelburne. Through their leadership transparency will once again be returned to the decision making process in the town as it was in the past. Both have a vision for Shelburne that is the same as mine as well as for many residents of Shelburne. Some of the projects proposed by our current leadership, such as the loop road, one-way street for Falls Road, and changes to the area around the Bearded Frog, are contrary to the needs of the village. I am assured that if Bob and Toni were on the Selectboard they would recommend these projects receive further study and evaluation before being blindly implemented. These appear to be more the personal desires and wishes of individuals in leadership positions than needs.  You can be assured that I will vote for Bob Lake and Toni Supple on Tuesday, March 5. Please consider casting your vote for these two very capable individuals.

Carroll A. “Bud” Ockert, Shelburne


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