Bill Smith for re-election

I am writing in support of Bill Smith’s re-election to the Selectboard.  I value Bill’s years of experience on the Board, his leadership and insights on a range of issues, and as Selectboard Chair, I believe he is very fair-minded.  At meetings Bill is always attentive and courteous to everyone and he makes sure all sides get equal time to be heard.

The cumbersome pace and elaborate rules of our system of government are there to ensure that it is both transparent and accessible. To give all residents the opportunity to see what will be discussed and considered at each and every Selectboard meeting agendas are publicly noticed in this newspaper and other venues in advance.

Although decisions take a long time to reach (multiple meetings are the norm) and the process is usually messy and imprecise, town officials value your input and rely on it to achieve good outcomes.  To know what’s being considered when and to influence outcomes, you must make the effort to follow the schedule and participate regularly.

In Bill Smith Shelburne has a seasoned and dedicated public official who is ready to listen to all views and who will act in a way that serves the town’s best interests.  I am confident that his continued leadership on the Selectboard will help residents in our town reach consensus and take action to solve the problems we face.  Please join me in re-electing Bill Smith to the Selectboard on March 5.

Kate Lalley, Vice-Chair, Shelburne Planning Commission


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